"Dragon Kido is special to me because it feels like my home away from home.  The school's atmosphere is friendly, and the classes are challenging, but fun.  Grandmaster Hutson is my mentor, and his enthusiasm for the martial arts motivates me to try harder and always do my very best.  It's really an honor to train with him.

     I also like participating in our Academy's activities, including family movie matinees, outings to great places like Medieval Times, peer social events with the Junior Black Belt Club, and competing in KiMudo and Judo tournaments.  We're involved in many community functions as well, such as Elgin's International Fest, South Elgin's National Night Out, and our annual St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Charity Fundraiser.  As a member of our Exhibition Team, I enjoy performing Bo Staff demonstrations at the Hemmens Cultural Center, local schools, and area parks, too.  I'm very proud to be a member of Dragon Kido."    

--Sam, 3rd Degree Black Belt


      "This is the only place we will ever want to take our children for martial arts.  I cannot put into words how wonderful Master Hutson has been with my sons, and how much they look forward to classes each week.  I don't see this as just a hobby for my kids--I see it as a necesssity for their health, confidence, discipline, and overall well-being.  It has been the best investment I have made, and a very affordable one at that.  Thank you for all you do for these kids and for the community!"

--Corinne, Jaxon & Luka's Mom


     "There's no doubt about it. . .the world now is a very different place than when I was a child.  Fortunately, my teenage daughter became involved in martial arts, and I feel reassured that she is quite capable of handling herself in all sorts of challenging situations.  She has developed into a strong and confident young woman.  Not only is she resistant to peer pressure, but she also regularly assumes a leadership role, helping her friends and acquaintances make better choices.  Samantha's commitment to reach and surpass her goal of becoming a Black Belt is mirrored in her high school academic success, as well. 

     What truly sets Dragon Kido apart is the Academy's focus on achieving martial arts excellence, while building character at the same time.  Rank advancement must be earned and includes an important service component too.  Our Director and Head Instructor, Grandmaster Hutson, actually takes a personal interest in each and every martial artist at his school.  Students here support one another and enjoy each other's company.  We are all part of one big, happy family!" 

--Barbara, Samantha's Mom


     "I was involved in Boy Scouts, but something was missing that I found after becoming a member of Dragon Kido.  This academy stands out above the rest because of the variety of martial arts/styles taught.  Judo is currently my favorite, and Bushido Weaponry is a close second."

--Matthew, 1st Degree Black Belt


     "As parents, we are grateful for all Elizabeth has learned from being a part of the Dragon family.  And that's what it is--a family--a whole group of people who truly care about and support her.  There is a sense of comfort knowing that our daughter is learning life-long skills.  We have watched her grow, learn, and become more confident.  There is nothing better than that!"

--Dawn & Todd, Elizabeth's Parents


     "I would recommend your Academy to others because of your flexibility and willingness to support and encourage different need groups, including age, sex, physical, mental, and economic differences."    

--Victoria, Student


     "The KiMudo here at Dragon Kido of South Elgin, with Master Hutson, has taught my son self-confidence, discipline, and respect for authority.  He has learned techniques for self-defense.  We are very impressed with the school and know that any child who attends will benefit.  We are very pleased with the program and instruction."    

--Laurie, Zachary's Mom

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